We hate plutocratic, winner-takes-all capitalism. Our mission is to protect global democracies by creating and supporting a new generation of local-minded middle-class workers.

As you can tell from reading about our products and services, we care deeply about building things that make the world a bit more fair. We want to create value for the average person, without forcing them to learn how to code. We want to provide the world with access to new and innovative ways to earn a stable income.

We don’t think wealth inequality is merely unfair; we think it’s actually economically inefficient, and that it restricts innovation. Rather than waiting for governments and politicians to solve these problems, we’re building scalable solutions of our own, and providing our customers with economic advantages in the process.


A great resource for understanding what’s going on in our world is our Blog. We regulary cover the tech industry, the global economy, and a wide variety of other topics.

About the Publisher

Locadot is published by Numair Faraz. Prior to Locadot, Numair spent a decade researching how to create platforms that could scale to solve the emerging problems created by the digital revolution. Numair has advised senior executives at Motorola, BlackBerry, and other companies. Numair is a longtime resident of Malibu, California, with long periods of time spent living in Denmark, Australia, and other countries with strong social safety nets and high wages for the working class.

In a previous life, Numair hung out with the Silicon Valley elite, including the founders of many of today's billion-dollar tech icons. Finding himself questioning the ethics and motivations of these people, his current social circle is comprised of construction workers, schoolteachers, chefs, writers, painters, grocery workers, farmers, homeless surfers and others for whom the tech industry’s visions of a “hyper-connected, AI-driven future” are more of a dystopian nightmare than a profitable fantasy.

If you would like to interview Numair or use a photo of him in a story about Locadot, please check out the Press section.

We’ll Be Hiring Soon

If you’re based in California or Australia and have extensive experience programming and maintaining(!) complex systems using C/C++, Go, Swift, Kotlin, and Postgres (with plugins such as Citus and PostGIS), and have a strong grasp of high-level math, please get in touch with us at jobs@locadot.com. While we are not hiring at the moment, we will keep you in mind when we are.

As our business grows in communities around the world, we also look forward to hiring locally, with specific emphasis on creating well-paying entry-level positions that provide opportunities for upward mobility. We believe in systems that make it possible for the janitor to become the CEO.

We’re also looking for independent, savvy people who can help us grow our Partner network. If you can sell Partner memberships to local businesses and agencies, get in touch with us at jobs@locadot.com to discuss how we can work together.

Contacting Us

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