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The first and only way to instantly connect via mobile text. More positive reviews. More repeat business. Immediate results.

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Improve your ratings and make more money. Locadot is the easiest way to connect to customers when it’s most effective — in your store or office. Improve your online reviews, and form connections that turn one-time visits into repeat customers.

  1. When you’re with a customer, connect with them using the mobile number stored in your system, or by asking them to enter it into our iOS app. You can use an inexpensive iPod Touch for convenience.
    SMS invites
  3. We text customers a link to provide input, allowing them to begin leaving feedback while they’re with you and giving them something to do while they wait for a table or on the way home. No apps or signup forms, leading to maximum effectiveness.
  4. You’re notified of their comments and can reply from the web or iPhone app. We text to let the customer know you’ve replied.
    The app and dashboard for managers.
  6. Privately resolve negative reviews, and encourage customers with positive experiences to review you publicly. Boost your positive ratings, reduce negative postings, and convert critics into repeat customers.
  8. Customers feel invested in your business when they’re given a private communications channel. Retain valuable customers and boost the amount they spend with you. Perform better and make more money.

Locadot is the only platform designed for local businesses. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for global brands and celebrities. Locadot is designed for you.

The best value on the market. We’ll contact you once you’ve become a customer to ensure you’re able to take advantage of all of Locadot’s features. Here’s an overview of what you get, and how we compare to our competition:

Locadot Competitors
Monthly Price $499 $349+
3-Year Price $2499 $10,000+
Contract Length None 12+ months
Customer Contact
Web-based messaging
Text/SMS messaging
No customer signup required
iPhone/iPod app for store kiosk
Better Reviews
Link customers to write public reviews
Google and Facebook optimization
Apple Maps optimization
Yelp optimization (no “hacks”)
Private reviews seen only by you
SMS to customers when you reply
Private reviews from other businesses
Better Collaboration
Create admin users
Unlimited customers
Unlimited employees
The Best Support
Onboarding assistance
Dedicated account contact
Native English-speaking support staff
Unmatched Stability
No venture capital
No external investors
No debt
Cash-flow positive

Competing products aren’t just too expensive. They don’t work. Locadot is the only platform on the market that uses tools such as text messages to immediately engage customers and gather private feedback. It’s the most effective way to make more money.

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