Deploy a points-based check-in method that’s been proven effective by millions of users. Award staff and customers for every visit and review.

Sample customer messaging experience with brand participation.
Conversation, with brand reps looped in via #tag. Communicate directly with the customer.

Built to work for you

We spent significant time with retailers and local businesses while developing Locadot. Our experiences allowed us to identify an opportunity to connect brands to their customers, via their on-the-ground partners. We’ve built this capability into our Office Feedback system. Start taking advantage of it today.

Identify problems and track performance. Gaining access to on-the-ground intelligence regarding your products and services has typically involved unreliable, indirect methods such as scanning social media mentions. Customer-facing staff at retailers and other partners aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to channel feedback directly to you — until now. Have your partners use Locadot to improve feedback and performance at their locations, and have them loop you in to gain insight into how customers are interacting with your brand.

Build new products. Combining introductions of new products with Locadot allows your brand to easily gather direct input from new and potential customers during the evaluation process. Turn product development into a collaborative process that incorporates feedback from the people on the ground who are tasked with selling your vision to the end consumer.

Gain access to new data. Locadot is a proactive, staff-initiated communications channel. You’re not going to get the sea of data that comes out of passive channels such as web analytics, but the data that you get from Locadot can’t be found anywhere else. These are the customers that don’t show up on your existing measurement tools. Find hidden markets and better understand your existing ones, based on real communications with real customers.

How it works

  1. Your company joins Locadot, adding locations and employees.
  2. Partners join Locadot and add locations where your products and services are sold or promoted.
  3. Employees from your company, your marketing agencies, and others are brought into partners’ Locadot accounts and assigned to a #tag.
  4. Staff at partners’ locations easily onboard customers into the feedback system using a text message invite, and #tag you to join the conversation. (Work with your partners to create incentives to maximize staff engagement.)
  5. Communicate directly with consumers to gather feedback and improve their brand experience.
  6. Work with your agencies and partners to use the data you gather to grow your business.

Get started

Start benefitting from better feedback today. Get started by creating a Locadot account for your company’s offices and stores using the form below.  •

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