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A simple, reliable way to increase sales and visibility. Providing great service isn’t enough. You need a constant flow of customers, aware and engaged with the story of who and what you’re about — and you need specialists to do the job. Locadot is the answer.

  1. Buy a Campaign, which includes 5 stories.
  2. A local Partner or professional writer will contact you to create your Campaign and begin the first story.
  3. Local, professional photographers will visit to take photos.
  4. Your writer will follow up with you to assemble the final piece.
  5. At the conclusion of the Campaign, you’ll have a collection of magazine-quality content you own. Share links to our site or republish elsewhere. Run additional campaigns with new areas of focus to establish a large, constantly-updated content library.

Your stories are hosted on clean, ad-free pages that look great on both computers and phones. They will be indexed by Google and other search engines, providing you with an extra spot in search results. You can also choose to keep this content private and host it on your own website, or integrate it into print and digital media.

Stories are a perfect complement to your existing SEO, social media, and content marketing strategies, or a great start to a new one. You don’t do your own plumbing and electrical work; you shouldn’t be telling your own story (even if it’s told in your words). Let us help you win.

Long-form content: your new competitive advantage

Chart showing longer content ranks better on Google
Search results on Google’s front page average 1,890 words. (Credit: Backlinko)

Long-form stories are proven to be more effective for sharing among friends and others, making your social campaigns more effective. Users that would never share an ad or press release will happily link to high quality, magazine-like content, providing cost-effective access to new audiences.

For restaurants and other retail businesses, Locadot Stories are the perfect antidote to unpredictable reviews and listings cluttering your search results. For service businesses, Stories are a perfect way to craft a library of original content which allows prospective customers to learn from you, which is a proven strategy for generating leads.

The research might be new, but the results have been the same for decades. This ad from the October 19, 1948 edition of the New York Times contains 6,540 words, the most ever used in a single page, and resulted in a record-breaking 5,000 leads.

A smart move.

Locadot hires local creatives to help us with each story. Every time you request a story, you’re supporting your local community. You’ll also get:

  • Ad-free hosting for life.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Unlimited emails to subscribers.
  • Ownership and access to the photos and writing, for publishing elsewhere.
$2499 one-time fee. $2499 one-time fee.

No subscriptions or commitments. When you need more stories, simply purchase another Campaign.

A good content marketing strategy quickly pays for itself. The benefits you receive from your Locadot stories will continue to grow for months and years to come. Detailed, high-quality stories about your business and its offerings will make it easier to hire talent, close deals, and acquire customers.

A content strategy that delivers.

Subscribe button in focus.

When you publish a new story, we’ll notify everyone who’s subscribed to receive updates from your business, at no additional cost. Take advantage of our easy subscription system to build a guaranteed audience for future content.

The flow of links and traffic back to your business.

The more you use Locadot, the more content you’ll have for your mailing list and followers across social media platforms. Search and social media giants demand ever-increasing amounts of money for declining ad performance, and force you to compete against multinational corporations and money-losing startups. Locadot’s high-quality organic content can help you reduce your Cost Per Lead while creating greater impact.

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