Magazines, newspapers, and other local content creators — leverage your relationships to generate digital revenue.

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Your dashboard makes it easy to manage clients, stories and more.

Keeping marketing dollars local. With simple but effective Stories, Locadot is an important component of new and existing social media and search campaigns. We make it easy to deliver the fresh, high-quality content that’s needed to feed search and social algorithms and connect with local audiences in new ways.

Locadot Partners are deeply connected to their communities through a newspaper, magazine, or other local content offering. Locadot enables them to combine their relationships and capabilities with a digital content platform, leading to a bigger share of their customers’ marketing revenue.

Partners keep 65% of revenue. Partners keep 65% of revenue.

When a business purchases a Story Campaign, they’re connected with our nearest Partner, who produces the story, manages the relationship, and gets 65% of revenue. Partners are able to integrate and cross-sell their existing products; for example, a magazine can republish Locadot Stories as print ads.

Screenshot of a sample Locadot story.
Story pages are highly optimized to deliver leads.

Locadot handles all hosting, design, and technical elements of the relationship. Our focus on design and engineering, funded by revenue from our platform, ensures that Partners are providing local businesses with the world’s best content marketing solution.

It’s free. We don’t charge our Partners for their membership. We simply want the best content producers in each community.

Delivering real value

Local businesses continue to increase their spending on social media, search and other digital marketing. It’s important for local media companies to participate in that process.

Locadot Partners aren’t attempting to compete with digital spend. They’re integrating themselves into it, helping local businesses gain a competitive edge. Large, sophisticated companies have spent years using content marketing to drive down costs and increase effectiveness. Locadot Partners provide smaller firms with cost-effective access to this capability. This shifts money from tech firms’ off-shore bank accounts into local hands.

As we’ve explained in our sections about Stories and Property, long-form content is vital to effective sales and marketing. Whether it is for social media posts, for search rankings, or for crafting a knowledge library — businesses of all sizes, in all industries, need to produce long-form content. Customers need to be informed and educated before they spend.

Restaurants can share weekly recipes. Mechanics can provide teardowns of the latest gear. Staff at hair salons can discuss the latest trends.

It’s not just marketing that’s more local — it’s more effective. And Locadot Partners are in the best position to deliver it.

Want to become a Partner?

  1. Start a sales trial and register your leads in our system.
  2. Convert your leads by having customers purchase Campaigns and Collections from our website.
  3. We assign you to the customer and send you 65% of the revenue.
  4. Manage and produce stories using the dashboard and content manager. Use existing staff or hire contractors.
  5. Cross-sell your other products and grow your existing revenue streams.
  6. We’ll assign you to local customers who aren’t registered with a Partner, providing additional revenue.

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