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Screenshot of a sample Locadot Real Estate story.

Selling prestige real estate is challenging. “Premium” ads on real estate portals are only seen by people who are actively looking, and social and search channels are more complex and noisy than ever. You need new ways to help your best listings stand out — for both upcoming offers and listings that aren’t moving.

Locadot Stories are written and photographed by professionals. They’re long-form narratives about the houses you’re selling, and about the lifestyles they enable. These stories help you convey details and emotional context that gets lost in a basic social media share or online listing.

Signing up as a Locadot Real Estate Partner allows you to immediately use our platform for stories about your properties. By joining today, you’ll be the first to make use of this exciting new format, giving you a lasting competitive advantage. Gain access to audiences of people who didn’t think they were interested in your listings. Generate excitement and close more deals.

Screenshot of a sample Locadot real estate story.
High-quality photos and writing, displayed in a familiar scrolling format.

Long-form content: your new competitive advantage

Long-form stories are proven to be more effective for sharing among friends and others, making your social campaigns more effective. Users that would never share a property ad will happily link to high quality, magazine-like content, providing cost-effective access to audiences beyond real estate portals. Your clients are counting on you to deliver traffic beyond the portals; Locadot gets you there.

The sparse text found on real estate portals and social platforms keeps properties from gaining maximum visibility and engagement. Content length is important for driving traffic and attention. That’s not our opinion — it’s the conclusion reached by the content-ranking experts at Google.

Chart showing longer content ranks better on Google
Search results on Google’s front page average 1,890 words. (Credit: Backlinko)

Embrace what billions of dollars’ worth of research and development, and billions of users’ actual behavior, have taught us. Provide your clients with high-quality, long-form content for their properties that ranks at the top of search results. The competition will remain one step behind.

Capture the market

As the global real estate market enters a challenging time, it’s a perfect moment to invest in ways to pull ahead of the competition. Becoming a Locadot Real Estate Partner is a step in that direction.

A diagram showing how Locadot delivers your current market, plus that of your competitors. A diagram showing how Locadot delivers your current market, plus that of your competitors.

While your competitors cut costs and minimize the sophistication of their sales efforts, you’ll be publishing high-quality, locally-crafted content that makes every property look like a celebrity.

Screenshot of a sample Locadot story.
You’re credited for each story, without annoying the reader.

Prospective buyers have one-click access to you via a Contact button, which can link to your existing lead management system. You’re also given credit at the bottom of each of your clients’ stories, with a link back to your website.

You and your clients retain ownership of the writing and photos in each story. Use this content as part of an in-house magazine, a print media campaign, or republish it across your existing digital presence.

An investment in the growth engine of tomorrow.

Joining today ensures you are first to have access to our Stories platform. Each Collection provides you with 10 Story credits, which you can resell to clients or integrate into your commission-based value proposition.

No recurring charges or commitments. When you need more story credits, simply purchase another Collection.

$4999 one-time fee, which you will immediately earn back. $4999 one-time fee, which you will immediately earn back.

Easy to join, easy to use.

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  3. You’ll be able to immediately submit requests for stories.
  4. Contact your account representative whenever you need anything, or when your clients have questions.
  5. Purchase additional Collections when needed.

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