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The interface.

All of your local vendor and service provider communication, tracked and consolidated.

Save time and perform better. Having witnessed local staff lose countless hours to coordinating with local vendors and service providers, we’ve decided to build a solution. Our forthcoming vendor management system is the simplest way to handle ordering and ongoing support. Save time when placing orders, and easily transition relationships to new employees.

Here’s how it works.

    Add a new vendor easily.
  1. Add a vendor or service provider using the email address or mobile number you’re already using. We’ll send them a free message letting them know you’ll be using Locadot. They can respond to the links we send, or make an account to keep their communications organized.
  2. Everything is integrated into our Office Feedback system, making it easy to assign the vendor to one or more of the people within your business. If the vendor has an account they can do the same, so you always know who’s in charge.
  3. Create orders and support requests using a simple, easy to use form. Assign others to join you in tracking or fulfilling the request. Save drafts and create duplicates of previous requests, for quick re-ordering. See when messages have been read. No more voicemails or missing emails.
    The app and dashboard for managers.
  5. Use the iPhone and mobile web interface to stay productive and informed, no matter where you are. Create new requests in seconds.
    Mobile web and iPhone friendly.

Locadot is the only platform designed to handle vendors of all sizes. There’s a lot of vendor management systems out there. None of them are built to handle the complex web of small providers that your business employs and supports. We want to make it easy for companies of all sizes to work with the small, local vendors that power great economies.

Key concepts.

  • Works with even your smallest vendor, without forcing them to sign up, pay or download anything.
  • Your vendor lists, and your vendors’ customer lists, remain private.
  • Get read receipts and notifications when vendors click on your messages, ensuring accountability.
  • Ensure that you’re not keeping your vendor relationships tied up with a particular employee — or with you.
  • Creates a backup plan in case of emergency, employee retirement, or business sale.
  • Included with our Office Feedback system.

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